Before you share your story...

Let me tell you mine

I am a twenty something photographer, a wife to my very best friend, an enthusiast of all things wedding, an animal lover, an amateur cook who often refuses to follow recipes, big fan of road trips, and after helping my husband build our home I'd like to think I am proficient with a nail gun.

I believe in the power of a photograph. I have always loved going through family photo albums. It amazes me how looking at a photo can make you feel how you felt in the moment it was taken, and how it can spark conversations. I want to create photos that will be looked back on for generations.

photo from our honeymoon by Alyssa Beck

More about me...

  • I really love animals, I get really excited when a couple asks to include their dog in an engagement session and I do a happy dance if their pup will be included in their wedding. Our golden retriever, Max, was in our wedding but mostly just wandered around looking for treats and getting everyone covered in hair.

  • I am bilingual, I use that as an excuse for my terrible spelling even though when I went to Quebec all of the locals would immediately switch to English when I tried to use my French. So apparently on top of being an awful speller I also can’t speak French as fluently as I thought.

  • I am a life long learner. Every year I take at least one course from a photographer that I look up to and I am constantly improving and fine tuning my craft.

wedding photo by Sweetlight Photography, house photo by Brittany Jones