I offer one on one mentoring for all skill levels to share what I have learned through my journey with photography.

These sessions are for everyone from parents wanting to know how to take better photos of their families, to photographers looking to get started in shooting weddings.

The content is based entirely on what you would like to cover. Examples of topics I love to discuss include; camera basics, shooting in manual mode, social media, attracting ideal clients, lighting, posing/ directing clients and walking through a wedding day.

Mentoring sessions include:

  • around 3 hours of sitting down and going over the content that you are interested in covering
  • samples of my contracts, questionnaires, email templates, ect.
  • snacks & refreshments
  • hands on learning with visual examples of my work
  • a copy of the content we cover
  • about 1 hour of shooting side by side with me sharing how I approach a session from meeting the clients, to posing and directing, to camera settings and choosing locations based on lighting
  • you can contact me anytime after your session for advice or if you have any questions, I will always be there to help you grow and improve


“When I found out that Molly was doing mentoring sessions I knew that I had to check it out, and I was not disappointed! The session was enjoyable and very informational, she was amazing at helping answer the questions I had and helping me to find solutions. The information provided is perfect for anyone starting wedding photography. Molly is excellent at helping you with exactly what you need. I was worried before my first wedding and she met with me before to make sure that I was prepared and calmed my nerves. I would recommend anyone looking to gain more knowledge to work with Molly!”